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Harry L - 04. Chambray


Essentiel, élémentaire, sophistiqué, sometimes it's better to say it in French, non? We've taken our own spin on a timeless men's shirt classic - the Linen button-up.

Our HARRY shirt is made from 100% organic Italian linen, it is soft, lightweight, breathable, and highly effective at achieving what the Italian's call Sprezzatura, or "studied nonchalance" (think James Bond on the weekend sipping a Bellini poolside).

About Linen:
More durable than cotton, highly absorbent and with natural moisture-wicking abilities, linen can withstand very high temperatures, dries significantly quicker than cotton fabric, gets softer with continued washing, and is a "cooling" fabric which is perfectly suited to hot weather. Linen also has a lower negative ecological impact than most other gabrics within the fashion industry at large, making it a smart choice for the sustainably minded.

- 100% fine linen
- Trim fit in the waist/trunk
- Fabric woven in Italy, sourced from Belgium and France
- Relaxed collar style
- Front left breast pocket with couture detailing
- Iconic MACKEENE piping throughout interior detailing
- Nacre buttons
- Easy-rollup sleeves
- 5 Colours: Navy, White, Light Blue, Chambray, Stripped Marine

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