We today live in a fast paced society where everything is rush rush rush.

Wether it’s fast fashion, fast food or more, we are slowly disconnecting not only from ourselves but from our planet as well.
MACKEENE has today constructed a brand that is emblematic of the slow lifestyle through the products it offers and the values it shares.

More mindful and thoughtful about how our clothing is being produced makes us a GO SLOW approved brand. We are currently producing small batches, with only 200-300 pieces per design in order to not have waste but also for our customers to own more exclusive pieces. 
We create by using high quality materials, timeless designs and durable constructions. The aim is to encourage buying with consciousness. We want to give value to our products but by taking the environment into consideration as well.
We encouraging a GO SLOW production and a GO SLOW mindset. We are inviting everyone to engage more deeply with this lifestyle not only through the products they purchase but also the pace in which they are living by slowing down and being more present. 
Being more present make us appreciate the now and the small things that could bring us joy. Slow living gives us time and with time we can have the opportunity to enjoy moments with loved ones, to appreciate sunsets or go on that vacation we’ve always dreamed of.

In that case, don’t forget to pack our signature MACKEENE swim short!

Lina Saboune

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