The Founder

Harold MacKeene, a founder in search of innovation.

Harold MacKeene

Raised in Brussels, born on May 5th, I became obssessed by the number 5.
“As a child, it was much easier for me to imagine vivid future worlds... than to write essays and mathematic formulas”.

I became a graphic & product designer for luxury brands.
I landed a job in Shanghai, it was there, in a land far away from home, I witnessed entrepreneurship and realized that I had a passion for beautiful clothes and objects created with intention and attention which I could find on the Japanese culture.

I wanted to create a world, a place where I could re-live childhood experiences.

This is how MACKEENE was born.
An inspiration to craft products focused on a bright future, where man is in harmony with nature, where performance and quality meet style.
Manufacturing started with performance swim trunks and expanded to jackets, jeans, and more.

Harold MacKeene in St Barths Tamarin's  Family's House

Today, we have made dozens of products and we are committed to building an evolving brand to continue dreaming and creating the beautiful future ahead of us.