Foiling with Rodolphe MACKEENE

Foiling with Rodolphe MACKEENE, a special and unforgettable moment.

I guess you’ve heard about the world of flying above water. I guess you think you can do it, maybe you did or maybe you’d want to some day.

Well, we tried it and it was a special moment for us, feeling the board flying under our feet just gave us a taste of what it would feel like being dragged to the future.

This stuff is just amazing but you need to glue yourself onto the board and try several times before getting the hang of it because it’s completely different to wake-boarding.

It’s a totally opposite position where you must put behind you what you’ve previously learned. Nevertheless, It’s totally worth it! 

 “One the best moments in my life. I rode for approximatively 45 minutes to 1h. It was a thrilling and incredible feeling. Flying while floating above the water was the best water-sport activity I’ve ever tried. It feels great and I look forward to experiencing that again.” - Rodolphe Mackeene

 Today, foiling might be one of the most exciting and evolving water-sport out there. Everyone is thinking about it, wether you’ve tried it before and look forward to doing it again or you never did and would love to experience it. It’s an activity that puts a massive grin on your face while you feel new sensations and excitements. After a few rides, it gets addicting flying over the water as you’re fascinated with how fast you can ride and how far upwind the foil can take you. 


 Here are 5 tips for your first foiling session:

- You could always use the extra protection, so don’t forget to wear a helmet.

- Try to start riding through really light wind to get the hang of it.

- Be patient because it might take several tries.

- Once you got it, be confident with increasing the power little by little.

- Finally GO SLOW and have FUN !


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