Surfing Shooting

St Barths surfing shooting with Ryan & Joao


It's always a pleasure to do a last minute shooting while waves are there at Pointe Milou.

The beautiful island of St.Barts has beautiful beaches and is a popular spot for enthusiastic surfers such as Joao and Rodolphe. On this beautiful day, the two decided to head to Pointe Milou with the photographer Ryan Borne. 

Pointe Milou is located on the North Coast and is one of the most popular surf spots of St.Barths due to its fairly exposed point break that has reasonable consistent surf. It has a few rocks and is rarely crowded. A beach that is the perfect spot for experienced surfers.

Rodolphe was rocking the Greene Feve swim short while Joao went for the Navy Tropic. Both of them paired it with the Merinos Polo, Brad, that was soon taken off when it was time to hit the waves. 

Ryan Borne, a young talented photographer, didn’t miss the opportunity to take some awesome shots as the two friends got their surfboards ready for the water.

Here are some shots of this surf day at Pointe Milou.