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Harry L - 02. Blanc


Essentiel, élémentaire, sophistiqué, sometimes it's better to say it in French, non? We've taken our own spin on a timeless men's shirt classic - the Linen button-up.

Our HARRY shirt is made from refined Italian linen, it is soft, lightweight, breathable, and highly effective at achieving what the Italian's call Sprezzatura, or "studied nonchalance" (think James Bond on the weekend sipping a Bellini poolside).

About Linen:
More durable than cotton, highly absorbent and with natural moisture-wicking abilities, linen can withstand very high temperatures, dries significantly quicker than cotton fabric, gets softer with continued washing, and is a "cooling" fabric which is perfectly suited to hot weather. Linen also has a lower negative ecological impact than most other gabrics within the fashion industry at large, making it a smart choice for the sustainably minded.

- 100% fine linen
- Trim fit in the waist/trunk
- Fabric woven in Italy, sourced from Belgium and France
- Relaxed collar style
- Front left breast pocket with couture detailing
- Iconic MACKEENE piping throughout interior detailing
- Nacre buttons
- Easy-rollup sleeves
- 5 Colours: Navy, White, Light Blue, Chambray, Stripped Marine

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