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Ryan Borne & The Sharks

Ryan Borne & The Sharks

A PHILOSOPHY I just turned 20 and im a Photographer/Filmmaker from the island of St Barths.I started Photography about 3 years ago when I was in...

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The story begins in 1950 with a low-flying Cessna 370. The grandfather, Pierre Cent, was a pilot who circled this unfamiliar territory and spotted a plane similar to his, parked in a field close to the beach, and he decided to take the liberty of landing uninvited on the island.

After having carved few routes and a landing strip, his daughter Cat joined him to create the famous restaurant “Le Tamarin”. Later on, his grandchildren, the MACKEENE brothers, settled down on the island.


Late at night.

A Skype call rings.

My brother tells me “I met a girl, she has created a bikini brand in Brazil and now would like to venture in the distribution of a menswear brand. The swimsuits of my sponsors are really unwearable, if you know what I mean.”

At that time, he was the 5th best kitesurfer in the world and I was a photographer in Shanghai. I replied: “Ok, I understood, I’m booking a flight and I’ll meet you in Corsica to work on this project”.

That’s how the brand MACKEENE was born, in the garden of our aunt's restaurant in Corsica, La Bergerie du Ruppione.


Early in the morning.

I called my brother and explained that we need to redefine the standards of swimsuits for men. We need to create an alternative to long multi-colored and parachute swimsuits.

We need to create a universe which combines your photos, fashion, elegance and watersports. Let’s blur the lines between universes, without compromising.

In 2008, the first collection of swim shorts featuring a magnetic closure was launched, a system created in France that lead to pride and recognition of our brand.


First collection

The first swim short is launched. This is the signature product of the brand, it allies technicality and fine design, along with three lengths including the one for kids, in a great variety of colors and prints limited to select 140 pieces per design.

But at the end, simplicity prevails.

The details are well thought of, which is why the swim shorts combines materials made from recycled plastics, the iconic contrast belt and western pockets.

In the pursuit of improving constantly, the duo endlessly continues to re-think their flagship renowned model.

A low ecological footprint is an important criterion that they have embraced.

The St BARTHS Flagship


Going beyond their original creations, the MACKEENE boutiques also welcome a variety of brands that share similar values as them.

The brothers continue to innovate and experiment in the wonderful open-air laboratory that is the island of St. Barth, creating high quality products which meet the requirements of not only sports enthusiasts but also of aesthetically-inclined consumers.

Be it to buy a pair of sunglasses, a signed surfboard, or a linen jacket, the MACKEENE boutiques are hidden gems which intertwine fashion, art and watersports.


New stores

Office to office, showroom to showroom in Paris, the brand took its time to unveil itself.

In 2019, the first pop-up store in Etiene Marcel in Paris allowed people all over to discover the hybrid universe, between the sea, beach and the city. A combination which is difficult to magnetise yet one can't stand out without the other.

MACKEENE decides to finally prove that it's possible to live in both contrasting worlds that are diametrically necessary for most of us.

2021 is a new wave for MACKEENE after opening it's first store at the Basque Coast and having it's first corner at Le Bon Marché. Come and say hi, we are expecting you !


Since day one,
we are a slow
fashion family brand.

Our production is limited
and responsible
and we only work
with partners
that share the same
ethical point of view
as us.