Since 2006,
Premium Swim Shorts, Clothing and Accessories,
designed by Harold MacKeene



Everything begins in 1950 with a low-flying Cessna 370, and a pilot with his eye on the grassy airfield at La Savanne on St. Barth.

As Pierre Cent (MacKeene's grand father) circled this unfamiliar territory, he spotted a plane similar to his parked in a field not far from the beach, and he decided to take the liberty of landing uninvited on the island.

Once on terra firma, he met Rémy, the twin of the owner of his plane, and they became great "sky mates". Long before, Pierre had explored the island, fallen in love with it, and decided to make his place on this newfound paradise.

It was Pierre who imported the first Caterpillar to the island to transform the landing strip from a cattle pasture to a proper tarmac.

Photo: Remy de Haenen from Tristan

He also helped create some of St. Barth's first paved roads, in collaboration with Henry Greaux. Pierre's adventurous daughter, Cat, joined him in July 1967, quickly discovering the island's magic and settling down to make it her home.

After Pierre's death, Cat created Tamarin, the Saline restaurant that immediately became a beloved island institution and a celebrity favorite.

Cat's nephew, Rodolphe, spent most of his childhood in the Caribbean, living an idyllic islands life, teaching kitesurfing and as an avid diver, surfer and windsurfer.

In the 2010's he also relocated to St. Barth, where he extended the family with Balthazar MacKeene, his young son, while his brother Harold remained working hard on the brand in Paris.

In 2005, the brothers collaborated with Tara Matthews to create a swimwear-oriented fashion business combining their respective lifestyles and interests: Rodolphe's dedication to sports and appreciation of the island life, and Harold's keen eye for design and his love for the city life.

"Harold focuses on men's beachwear that is both functional and chic." 

Photo: Remy de Haenen from Tristan

Thus MACKEENE was born.

Today Harold focuses on men's beachwear that is a blend of functional and chic; unique colors and luxury styles are combined with comfort and water-repellent fabrics.

Their Flagship Caribbean store is located in Gustavia with a collection of swim shorts, polos, t-shirts, bath towels and a carefully curated selection of complementary brands featuring sunglasses, bags, surfboards and books. Creating and offering products that embody both aesthetics and substance, they have not only boosted the island's burgeoning retail scene, but also truly captured the essence of the St.Barth lifestyle.


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