The story starts with two brothers who embarked upon a bold personal quest to create a unique men’s swimwear line, MACKEENE, in St. Barth. With the relentless pursuit of perfection serving as their core remit, they followed their vision to create a brand that would redefine standards in the European "art de vivre". 

photo: Patrick MACKEENE
Harold (right):  Lives and breathes technology, art, fashion, and food, based between Paris and Portugal and Rodolphe (left):  A passionate and driven professional kite surfer, long-time resident of St. Barth.

In 1950, a pilot named Pierre Cent landed his plane uninvited on the island of St. Barth. There, he met Rémy, the twin of the owner of a plane similar to his, and they became good friends. Pierre fell in love with the island and decided to make it his home. He imported the first Caterpillar to transform the landing strip into a proper tarmac from a cattle pasture.
Pierre Cent's daughter, Cat, fell in love with the island of St. Barth and settled there after her father's death. She created Tamarin, a beloved island restaurant. Her nephew, Rodolphe MACKEENE, grew up on the island, becoming a professional kiteboarder and eventually relocating to St. Barth himself. All this time, his brother, Harold MACKEENE was living in and exploring many countries.
Harold then collaborates with his brother Rodolphe to create the first swim short in 2016. 

Thus MACKEENE was born.
Photo: Remy de Haenen from Tristan

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