1st Collaboration

In 2006, the brand took a daring leap by collaborating with none other than Rodolphe, Harold's talented brother, to create a line of men's swimshorts.

MACKEENE's Brothers in St Barths

These sleek and stylish shorts were put to the test in the idyllic paradise of St Barths and designed in the fashion capital of the world, Paris.

The result?

A unique blend of form and function that elevated the swimwear game to a whole new level.

Surfing in Pointe Milou St Barths

Now, more than just a clothing brand, MACKEENE encapsulates a lifestyle of ease,
refined elegance and harmony with nature.

A playful spirit and love of the outdoors led to the creation of this clothing ideal for modern lifestyles on the move.

The intention was and continues to embody quality of craftmanship and wearability for travel, work or leisure.

MACKEENE is the ultimate choice for the discerning contemporary customer -
never sacrificing eco-consciousness or quality for style or design.

Today, and as we emerge into a new era MACKEENE will remain focused on respect and inclusivity as well as on sustainability and building a collective future in harmony.